The "Heritage Pancake House": was established in 1993 in

Woodstock. Heritage Pancake House a "Landmark" rapidly

became a popular for family outings, business lunch meetings,

student gatherings, and a favorite for special occasions.

Your satisfaction is important to us- as you will notice when

you sit down in our restaurant. Offering the finest cup of

coffee is a part of our heritage. We serve our meals in a

welcoming, friendly atmosphere which keeps satisfied

customers coming back. Families bring their children to

experience the same casual ambience, and great food that

they remember when they visited The Pancake House as

children, and which they continue to enjoy as adults.

Drawing upon many years of experience in the culinary field,

and an extensive working knowledge of authentic national

and ethnic pancake recipes we are able to offer without

compromise a unique and original menu which is widely

acclaimed as: "The Original Pancakes." We take great pride in

maintaining the high standards that make our food so

outstanding. Our recipes demand only the very finest of

ingredients, such as real butter, pure 36% whipping cream,

fresh grade AA eggs. Our batters and sauces are made fresh

from scratch in our impeccable kitchen.

Over time we have expanded our menu to cater to all tastes.

In addition to a variety of pancakes, crêpes, waffles and French

toast, we also serve a complete family restaurant menu, "all

day breakfast" with a choice of specially-chosen bacon, ham,

and sausages, many varieties of fluffy omelettes, different

fresh sandwiches and burgers.

We serve an 8 Oz New York Sirloin for just over $10.00. You

may not have tried every steak restaurant in the Woodstock

London area, but I doubt you'll find a better tender and juicy 8

oz. AAA. New York Sirloin" than at Heritage Pancake House

for a price that is affordable. (40% less than at most steak


We have never deviated from the source of our reputation and

what has made us a household word in Woodstock: Our light,

delicious and perfectly-prepared pancakes. Our famous

air-filled Potato pancake with Sour Cream and Cheese is

reason alone to pay us a visit. Our "Original Waffles"

topped with Apple Cinnamon comes in as a close second.

We hope you will become a Heritage Pancake House "regular"

and will enjoy many satisfying meals at our restaurants with

friends, associates and family  

Heritage Pancake House

815 Juliana Drive

Woodstock ON

N4V 1A2


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